Premium Mobile Narrow Aisle Pro Safety Warehouse Steps - 2-8 Treads - Multiple Colours

SKU: KNA02-BlueRAL5005

Tread: 2 Treads
Colour: Blue (RAL 5005)
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Narrow Aisle Pro Range:

Our Narrow Aisle Pro Range is perfect for use where space is at a premium! Suitable for use in archives, warehouses (with aisle racking) amd office environments.

  • Platform Height: between 500 - 2000mm
  • Tread Size: 450 (W) x 200 (D) mm
  • Platform Size: 450 (W) x 200 (D) mm

NOTE: This range comes fully welded and ready to use. Operate only between aisle racking or where fully supported on both sides!


 Code  Treads

Working Platform Height

Working Height  Overall Height Overall Width Overall Length  Weight Brake Type 
 KNA02  2  500mm  1500-2250mm  1500mm  590mm  735mm  24kgs  Plunger Castors
 KNA03  3  750mm  1750-2500mm  1750mm  590mm  735mm  33kgs  Plunger Castors
 KNA04  4  1000mm  2000-2750mm  2000mm  590mm  920mm  45kgs  Plunger Castors
 KNA05  5  1250mm  2250-3000mm  2250mm  630mm  1150mm  57kgs Central Brake
 KNA06  6  1500mm  2500-3250mm  2500mm  630mm  1360mm  64kgs Central Brake
 KNA07  7  1750mm  2750-3500mm  2750mm  630mm  1510mm  72kgs Central Brake
 KNA08  8  2000mm  3000-3750mm  3000mm  630mm  1580mm  80kgs Central Brake

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