Premium Mobile Industrial Warehouse Safety Step Ladders - Multiple Colours & Sizes Available

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Tread: 2 Treads
Colour: Blue (RAL 5005)
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Industrial Mobile Safety Steps

Check out this beautiful, fully welded, steel construction with a high gloss powder coated finish! It has a brightly coloured braking system for additional safety, which sets this product apart from the rest!

It's suitable for use in all construction, retail, commercial, office, warehouse and even military applications!

We've been selling this product for over 20 years, it has become a warehouse staple in all companies. These steps comply with HSE regulations and can be customised to make them the perfect buddy in your warehouse!

  • Platform Height: 500mm - 3750mm
  • Tread Width: 550mm Wide x 200mm Deep
  • Platform Size: 550mm Wide x 400mm Deep
  • SWL: 300 kg
  • Braking System: 2 Tread: Plunger Castors | 3 Tread: Side Lever Brake | 4-15 Tread: Central Lever Brake
  • Colours Available: Blue (RAL5005) | Red (RAL3020) | Yellow (RAL1003) | Green (RAL6018) | Grey (RAL7046) | Orange (RAL2008)

Dimensions & Information:

Working Height:

This is shown as a general guide between waist height and just above the shoulders of the average person, approximately 750mm range.

Overall Width:

The main framework of the step is 600mm wide; the overall width shown is taken at the widest point, the axle, at the rear of the step.

Platform Size:

As standard this consists of two treads giving a total working area of 550mm x 400mm deep. This can be extended.

Kick Plate - 2-6 Treads:

Have kick plate to rear of the platform & 7-15 treads : Have kick plate to all three sides of platform.

Packing Information:

When your step arrives with you, it will be fully assembled. It will have a small amount of foam protection on the top pulpit rail.


Code Treads Platform Height Working Height Overall Dimensions Weight
KE02 2 500mm 1500 - 2250mm H1500 x W700 x L600mm    22kg
KE03 3 750mm 1750 - 2500mm H1750 x W850 x L820mm    31kg
KE04 4 1000mm 2000 - 2750mm H2000 x W850 x L1040mm  43kg
KE05 5 1250mm 2250 - 3000mm H2250 x W850 x L1270mm  55kg
KE06 6 1500mm 2500 - 3250mm H2500 x W850 x L1360        62kg
KE07 7 1750mm 2750 - 3500mm H2750 x W850 x L1450mm  70kg
KE08 8 2000mm 3000 - 3750mm H3000 x W850 x L1575mm  78kg
KE09 9 2250mm 3250 - 4000mm H3250 x W850 x L1730mm  90kg
KE10 10 2500mm 3500 - 4250mm H3500 x W1000 x L1905mm 98kg
KE11 11 2750mm 3750 - 4500mm H3750 x W1000 x L2070mm 105kg
KE12 12 3000mm 4000 - 4750mm H4000 x W1000 x L2230mm 116kg
KE13 13 3250mm 4250 - 5000mm H4250 x W1230 x L2470mm 125kg
KE14 14 3500mm 4500 - 5200mm H4500 x W1230 x L2630mm 130kg
KE15 15 3750mm 4750 - 5500mm H4750 x W1320 x L2795mm 138kg

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